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“The Transition from Nobody to Somebody: What It Really Takes”


A freelancer who is making 2000$+ monthly on Fiverr


If you really want to get acknowledged by society and let people know about yourself, then you have to prove yourself and there is no other option.

  • “This Post Is About Madiha Hashmi, But At The End Of The Day, It Would Be About You.”

Madiha Hashmi

Hello, I’m Madiha Hashmi. I was 18 when my first article got published in DAWN, following many articles in The News, Pakistan Observer during 2015-2016.

All I knew was my father was proud to see my name in the newspaper. 2019- My friends pushed me to write blogs and articles, and I started working in the local market. I successfully grabbed a few clients, and I started making 12-20k effortlessly in a month.

  • The Story Of  Madiha Hashmi Failure In The Marketplace

I was able to gather some cash and contribute to my uni fees. My father was proud that I am trying to lighten the burden. I made a Fiverr account in 2019 and successfully landed at the level two spot, but my id got banned because I used PRODUCT REVIEWS in one of my gigs.I made another account, and it was again banned due to some reasons.

I was devastated and quit Fiverr in January 2020. I quit writing and started focusing on my Master’s. There was sadness. There was a void. I met Hamid on a Facebook group, and he is working with me since last December. He introduced me to Sunny Ali and asked me to spend some time in his group.

Madiha Hashmi still remembers how I took it for granted for weeks and didn’t focus on learning through VBC. But I was already a fan of Sunny Ali. I used to repeat what he says in my house. I am a freelancer for almost two years now, and in these two years, I learned Fiverr from YouTube and improved over time through my experience.

  • My Achievement

Today I took out the transaction of my Payoneer account only and it was 20000$+ from Dec 2019 -April 2021. I am surprised to see this figure as it doesn’t include my direct transfers.

 I have set up a micro agency called Pros quad Solutions consist of 7 writers working for me. I am successfully generating 1500+ per month or more from solely Fiverr.




Madiha Hashmi won’t be giving away the tips and tricks regarding any skill today. Instead, I want to share a few attributes that I possess, and I want you to learn them too. I don’t have many achievements at my collar but what I have is something that you can attain too.

  • Clarity of mind ( know your goals and objectives and work hard to achieve it)
  • Watch AOE and VVIV
  • Peace Of heart and mind ( start giving whether it’s a 100rs a week or any knowledge/skill you may have )
  • Patience ( Keep learning and improve yourself. Stop rushing towards money. You will always be running. You will end up empty-handed )
  • Keep Praying for your Naseeb and Aasaan rizq
  • There are various videos on several topics at YT. Your daily hunt should be about obtaining knowledge and skills rather than eyeing how to get orders. These orders- money isn’t going anywhere. You just have to make yourself skillful enough.

One of the primary goals of this page is to change the mindsets of Youth, and I am playing my part in it through this post.”

Mahia hashmi
Madiha Hashmi

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