1 Million + Earning Monthly – Muhammad Rizwan

Muhammad Rizwan from Kasur

WordPress, Web Development, and SEO Services
Earnings: $60000 in 6 years,5 years as a part-time and 1 year as a full-time freelancer

Success Story of Muhammad Rizwan

My name is Muhammad Rizwan and I belong to a rural area of District Kasur. I have done my master’s in 2015 (MSc in Geographical Information System).In my success apart from the hard work, there is an important role of luck, Let me explain how.

His Freelancing Career

Muhammad Rizwan remember the day I have created an account on Fiverr and I received 1st order in just 2 days. Then I find a client from Uk and he gave me 10 orders back to back and it was one order per day. I was doing my job as a GIS engineer at Govt office in Saudi Arabia and was doing Freelancing part-time. I was only working on Fiverr as a level 2 seller and started a new journey as a full-time freelancer in 2020.

Muhammad Rizwan Struggling

After a work of some months, Muhammad Rizwan got banned on Fiverr  due to one buyer and Fiverr said your account is banned and you can only deliver your running orders and after that, I will not be able to access Fiverr more from this account.

I start to communicate with CS and it takes me 14 days to fight for my rights and finally, I got my account back. Now I’m a pro verified seller with level 2 on Fiverr and have complete requirements for Top Rated seller also I’m in conversation with Fiverr Team to get an agency account and it’s near to done.

In 2020 I also made an account on Upwork and got orders very soon as I had some permanent clients Which I just moved to Upwork and I’m a Top-rated seller there. Trying to achieve Top Rated plus and I believe I will be Top rated plus at end of this year.
Apart from Fiverr and Upwork, I have many clients on Skype and WhatsApp and one agency from European Country. I had the same revenue from permanent clients as I have from freelancing sites.

At this stage, Rizwan have set up a software house named “DevioTech” and 2 child software houses working with us as well. In total We have 25 plus employees and earning an average income of 25 lakh per month.

My goal is to serve the community as much as I can. Trying to create more opportunities for youth under my software house or in the child software houses. Have created YouTube Channel to share my freelancing knowledge and motivate Youth to do their best for their families and for Pakistan. Sharing proof of your earning and sharing success stories doesn’t mean we want fame, it means we want to share for your motivation and we want to see you a successful person as well.

There are very less people who want to share their knowledge. But My goal is you have to share your knowledge as it’s “Sadqa Jaria” people will pray for you when you are not here.

“If you are a hard worker and you can deliver Quality work then nothing can stop you.” This is what I learn and have applied to myself.

Thanks and Good luck.

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