Imran Khan Hara – A Talented Gem of Balochistan

The Success Story of Imran Khan Hara

The Balochistan province of Pakistan is full of great talented youth who have proved their talents and visions to the world. Among those talented gems is Imran Khan Hara.

Imran Khan Hara belongs to the Sibi district which is the hottest region of Pakistan. He is a young Entrepreneur in the sector of E-commerce. He is the Founder and CEO of an online shop called Balochi Traditional Shop-BTS. This online shop is a brand of hand-embroidered products called (Kundi). Kundi is an embroidered thread work with unique designs and colors created in the Tehsil Lahri of Sibi District.

The business was initially started by creating a page on Facebook. The page became so popular that its products were sold not only in Pakistan but worldwide too. The products were Customised Handmade Wallets, bags, keychains, and many others embroidered stuff.

Imran khan Hara is performing multiple tasks to bring improvement to society. He believes in practical work rather than just theories. It is the reason he takes action and performs work on several platforms and serves society.

There is a long list of his contributions. He is an active member of many welfare organizations. He is the founder of
the campaign for Sibi green. He is also contributing as the Philanthropist, Culture & Climate Change Activist, Traveller & Influencer.

Imran Khan Hara

Imran khan Hara has a long journey of struggle. He was born in the deprived family of Sibi in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. He had to work from an early age to meet the financial needs of his family. He sold rice (biryani), ran a shop, worked in medical stores, and many other efforts. He was dropped out of school but he resumed his education. He matriculated from Govt; boys high school railway colony Sibi. He did intermediate from Govt boys degree college Sibi and later obtained BSc degree in Geography from the University of Balochistan.

The Handicrafts of Balochistan  have drawn admiration and popularity throughout the world. These Handicrafts products are famous for the delicacy of their unique designs and attractive colors. These art pieces are created mostly by females. They do not go out of their houses for work. They produce handicrafts at home and after selling the products they generate additional earnings for the family.

Balochistan has a low literacy rate and minimal infrastructure.
Although Balochistan is rich in traditional Handicrafts craftsmen did not have any platform to promote their handicrafts. The valuable products were not even reached the local markets properly. The lack of awareness and acknowledgment was fading their artwork each passing day. Balochi Traditional Shop-BTS is a social enterprise. It took a stand to restore their artwork and promote the products not only in Pakistan but internationally too. The skilled people were given a proper platform to sell their products without any hassle and were guided to grow as per their capacity. The quality of handmade products was collected from skilled artisans and sold online. It provided them employment opportunities and make them able to sell their handicrafts goods to a high-end market.

Imran khan Hara has a positive attitude towards life. His perspective of life is to smile in every situation. He believes that every work can be done with hard work and without taking stress. The struggle should be done with smiling from inside, with inspiration and motivation. He helps people with his motivational speeches and gives them hope and direction towards progress and prosperity. He leads needy people to grow financially with dignity and grace.

Imran Khan Hara is an inspiration to the youngsters of Balochistan. Those who want to pursue their goals and progress by bringing positive change in society He is setting a model role for others. he proved that with skills, talent, and hard work one can overcome all difficulties and bring improvements in surroundings.

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