A Success Story From Backward Area Of Kamalia

Muhammad Umar from Kamalia

Earnings: 15000$+ in 4 Years
E-Com and Dropshipping

“Education is your tongue and skills are your hands, that’s Freelancing

Muhammad Umar

  • The Story Of Muhammad Umar

This is Muhammad Umar from the backward area of Kamalia (City of Khadar)

My investment in my freelancing career is my passion, hard work, and 12000PKR. Even having totally different reflections in career, education in Biology, interest in Tech and skills are about business, still, make me man the motivation for everyone.

  • When I Was Started My Career?

I started my career in 2016, with many ups and downs, suspension of top-rated accounts and again having a top-rated Upwork account.

I am working as an E-com business manager and customer support especially in drop shipping businesses.

  • Muhammad Umar Experience

My experience says to spread the knowledge, be your own teacher gain knowledge and be master in your skill. This is the era of competition if you succeed to find something rare, others are not doing ONLY what you are doing, believe me, you are a brand.

Figure 1: Fiver Earning (account age 1 year)

Go step by step and move on higher tiers. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t be shy to explore technology as technology is being advanced every day even every moment.

Start making international relations with clients, global friends, and build your network. That will help you to go through tough times.

Muhammad Umar

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