Malik Usama from Lahore

Earnings: 2.8 Millions + in 1.5 years

Malik Usama Success Story

Malik Usama Every successful person’s success story involves his journey from zero to a hero. He, a well-known Pakistani youngster, is giving an upper hand to all the competitors stepping into the field of freelancing.

In everyone’s struggle to get A grades, Usama was keenly focused on the world of generating revenue. The question was, ‘how to do that.

Since his 14th grade, he put his entire effort into learning digital marketing and other interrelated skills to utilize them later to generate profit.

He learned what freelancing is, putting all of his minds into learning something rewarding in the real world.

When everyone thought that grades are necessary, he felt that particular expertise is required to be successful.

Malik Usama is counted among the top best freelancers of Pakistan as he renders his self-learn skills on multiple freelancing forums. His hardworking but not impossible journey makes him a certified freelancer on Fiverr and Upwork.

Discussing his journey on his LinkedIn profile, he writes that

“Hi, it’s  Malik Usama – Digital Marketing Enthusiast. If you need any assistance with marketing” I offer my Intelligence Enterprise, SEO, SMM, and Lead Generation services to companies and individuals seeking growth for their businesses and profiles to achieve their purpose, whether it’s sales or just more traffic.

I take the best of the Marketing world to unleash the hidden value of your Brand. Creativity adheres to my core, and that’s how I generate new marketing ideas to capture dominant markets.

I always talk with my experience in relevant fields to give the best consultation to my clients. Moreover, I also have years of hands-on experience on these in-demand skills, and that’s the very reason why my clients always trust me — Because I am more growth-oriented, and I thrive on bringing output for my efforts.

Something you might find interesting about me is that— I love Pineapple Pizza! Well, that’s just a joke. Anyway, I am eager to connect with you, and I would be more than happy to help you if you need any assistance with Marketing.”

The top-rated seller on Upwork and level two seller on Fiverr wishes to be on the list of Forbes. He has worked with 200+ international clients to date. He is a member of sales roads inc. The USA. Having many skills, he amalgamated all to a single place, opening a digital marketing agency called ‘Caprix Digital Technologies’. He leads a team of 9 members to meet the needs of the clients.

Usama focuses on being well-known in his related field and wants to make his journey of over 1.5 years the most successful among all.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Thank you!

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