Haroon Arif The Journey Toward Success.

Haroon Arif’s Success Story

Hey Reader!

I am Haroon Arif, a Software Engineer from Lahore, the capital city of the province of Punjab. Here is my story of success that may inspire others and bring about a positive change in the professional realm. It covers the journey of an unenlightened student becoming a Top Rated Seller.

The Freelancing Career of Haroon Arif

It was 2016 when I wasn’t even aware of freelancing and, like many others, was planning on having a 9 to 5 job after graduation. Initially, I started freelancing in 2017 as a Graphics Designer on the well-known freelancing platform “Fiverr” but after a lapse of a considerable period (2 years), I realized that there was a vast scope and immense opportunities in the field of “Web Development and Designing”. So, I started to put some sincere efforts into learning Web Development. Hard work and commitment always pay, and so was the case here too. I attained the desired proficiency.

 Well, it was hard enough to manage between University and Freelancing. Moreover, I was also tutoring after my classes to meet the needs, so it became quite a challenging situation. In the beginning, it was difficult to adapt to the hectic routine of late night awakening and surge in usage of mobile phones & laptops.

All this to get a single order but in vain. After a week, I was lucky enough to get an order but thenceforth, did not get an order for the next 4 months. I was getting distraught, mentally broke and wanted to get rid of the situation at the earliest. Similarly, a thought crossed my mind to leave the dream of living a distinguished life but after the lapse of another 4 months, I managed to bag a few orders. It was my dream to handle my personal and educational expenses on my own.

So, I had to do it to the best of my abilities. I had no choice to give up, and the hardships and resultant frustration served as much-needed motivation to work more efficiently. Nothing succeeds like success: I was able to achieve Level-1 Badge. 

Self-belief & hard work will always earn you success

It was crystal clear that the only key to advancement in the above-mentioned vast field was to enhance/upgrade my skills. After working as a Website Developer for a year, I already achieved a Level-2 Badge.

On completion of the degree, now it was time to decide whether to go with the throng and look for a job or listen to the inner guide and become an Entrepreneur. Consequently, I made a life-changing and exigent decision to go after my dream of becoming my boss.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out

Here comes the Covid-19 pandemic situation, but I did not back off my track and did what I was meant to do while remaining concentrated night and day. Enrolled me in different professional certifications like the “Technical Program” offered by E-Rozgaar supported by the Government of Pakistan, which played a major role in enhancing my services and turned out to be quite remunerative.

I was also nominated as a “High Achiever” of the E-Rozgaar Program. Alhamdulillah, I got the Top Rated rank on my shoulder after enjoying 2 years of a wonderful, challenging journey. With the blessings of Allah Almighty which He had showered throughout my hardships and of course, prayers of parents, I started working on my vision to make people skillful and well-conversant in respective fields of Freelancing and spread awareness regarding Freelancing to eager ones around me who had the passion to do something substantive in their lives, trained them to work professionally and also virtually hired them by following the concept of creating more jobs in favor of giving back to the community from which I surely received a lot. Still on the way to contributing to the making of skillful and efficient Pakistan.

Don’t stop until you’re proud

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  • Prof Manzoor Awan
    12 months ago Reply

    It’s a delight to see you grow as well as glow. You have perfect ingredients to excel: talent, humility and commitment. Prayers

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