Fiza Tahir is a Successful Entrepreneur in Pakistan who Earns 9000$ Per Annually.

Fiza Tahir  An Inspiration For Women & Successful Entrepreneur in Pakistan

Hey!, I’m Fiza Tahir. I’m a successful entrepreneur in Pakistan.

Read my story and get inspired with optimism for your life ahead. This is me, a physicist, a postgraduate from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

I belong to a remote village of Pakistan, Toba Tek Singh, where living life is hard without basic facilities of life lest thinking of a well-to-do independent life as a female. I had to travel an extra mile of life each day to be a student at a renowned government university.

I was forced by family and friends to be a sweet daughter performing all household duties as washing, cooking, stitching, etc. But I had a different perspective of life, I wanted to be independent financially, and that required mental independence.

How Did I Learn About Freelancing?

I searched for a job after graduation keeping in mind my struggles of day-to-day activities but hardly could find any inspiration from all that stuff. Got job offers from schools and academies who wanted an efficient routine teacher teaching the same old courses to students every year in a monotonous way.

Fiza Tahir wanted something unique, something jittery which could change a life like a miracle. Moreover, all these educational institutes so-called were willing to pay me only ten thousand Pakistani rupees that were not enough even to bear the fuel consumption of my long route traveling.

Meanwhile, a new thing stroke my ears that gave inspiration to my mind, a program in my university that initiated a new online learning skill. Luckily, I was shortlisted for admission in this program supported by the government offered through e-Rozgaar. I learned day and night, took complete training sessions, and on the 28th day, I was contacted by a US client for online order.

I worked in tough routines to fulfill assigned tasks along with my formal education and thus got the credit.

The Freelance career of Fiza Tahir

Fiza Tahir was an ordinary girl with a rural background and after that, she was known internationally in a new world of freelancers. I earned my car (Mehran model 16 worth 7,50,000pkr) along with fulfilling all obligations of the family from this new motivational work that gave me strength and dignity. I would be always thankful to the shining stars of my life, especially my father, Mr.Tahir Rasheed, my supervisor Dr.Yasir Jamil and last but not least my mentor, sir Inaam ul Haq Mansoor, who taught me the ABC of new games.

Fiza Tahir was enrolled in one of the domains of the said program, Content Marketing, and Advertising and the scenario of earning ad learning had been changed. I was not running behind the job opportunities, rather opportunities and work were running behind me.

I had a great edge on all those who were struggling with nine to five duty hours for every penny they wanted to earn for their bread and butter. I was my boss, challenging myself for every new piece of creative art.It soothed my soul and gave me a new passion each day to work extra efficiently, earn my name along with the bitter reality of life and that is independence, financial and emotional. I was not fearful of being kicked out of a job without prior intimation like all others rather I had deep confidence in being my boss myself.

My Inspiration

I will always be grateful to my heroes of life who gave their utmost support and remained at my back throughout my journey. They all encouraged me at every failure, blew an inspirational view in my ears and eyes for a step further to improve me, and put a stamp on all my brilliant achievements. I would like to give myself to a greater world where many more like me want a change but don’t have a guideline.

So, I am willing to spread the deepest secret of life, learn and earn to all those who are willing to make a change for the betterment not only in their lives but also for their families.

You must come forward to support the Fiza Tahir volunteer ship, and make an innovative creation in your field of interest, be independent and live your life to your standards. You will be witness to the best productive change in your wallet as well as your mental level. Make a promise to your subconscious and then follow the strict rule of honesty, discipline, and hard work, then see the outcome. We will altogether make this a proud nation one day in sha Allah. Pakistan Zindabad!


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