Abdul Raheem A Young Entrepreneur From Balochistan

Abdul Raheem Young Successful Entrepreneur

Abdul Raheem Young Successful Entrepreneur
Abdul Raheem

Abdul Raheem from Jaffarabad, Balochistan

WordPress, Social Media Marketing
Earnings: 35000$+ in 2 years

About Abdul Raheem

Abdul Raheem Baloch belongs to a backward village of Jaffarabad Balochistan, Pakistan, where technology and facilities were hardly existing. His father was a farmer, so he was always determined to assist his family in making their living. Throughout his journey, he faced challenges because after completing his F.A from a local institute, he started his first job as a teacher with merely Rs.3000 monthly salary. 

The Struggle of Abdul Raheem

Abdul Raheem’s enthusiasm and creative approach made him take some extraordinary steps. The region wasn’t facilitated with 3G internet, so he took assistance from 2G and started watching freelancing videos in very low quality.

Over time, he developed an interest in online earning, but the backwardness of his village and insufficient income of his family to afford some required equipment were an intricate challenge for him. 

How Did He Start The Journey of freelancing?

Abdul Raheem’s dedication and struggles made a path for him; he borrowed a laptop from his friend and started his freelancing and blogging journey.

Soon, he was recognized as one of the influential and renowned freelancers and among the top 100 of the country who made it possible to rise from scratch. He was the first in his region who got a top-rated badge in Upwork.



Now, he’s the owner of five operational websites, a top-rated seller on Upwork, a level 2 seller on Fiverr, and earning around $2000 passive income monthly.

He made it possible that success can be achieved with sacrifices, dedication, and determination.He is an inspiration for young freelancing enthusiasts who have just entered the field. 


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